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Xiangshan mountain flower festival opening tomorrow

Date: 2015-04-09

Annual xiangshan enjoy youth, Beijing evening news xiangshan mountain flower festival will be opened tomorrow, the campaign until May 17th, xiangshan unique flowers buttercups and violet yulan, Chinese flowering crabapple, verbena, Angle, chrysanthemum and so on more than 60 varieties, more than 20 strains of all kinds of flowers waiting for you to enjoy.
The mountain flower festival with more than 60 kinds of potted flower and plant varieties of flower, is a mountain section one of the largest flower variety, using nearly more than 20 strains of all kinds of flowers, covers an area of 5000 square meters, can say common ground planted flowers in Beijing, can be seen in the fragrant hill to admire the flower season. Mountain flower festival period, the xiangshan park with dreamy flowers and pine garden (know), romance blooms (garden), and walking in flowers (salz kammer gut), xiang shan exhibit "fleurop interrflora (CuiWei pavilion) and so on five big scenic spot for tourists to visit.
Buttercup is the king of xiangshan mountain flower, plant a total of 15000, xiangshan also therefore become north China's largest flower buttercup scenic spot. This was known as the "beautiful like poppy flower", design and color is very bright, red, pink, yellow, and have all sorts of color white, other parks in this city is very difficult to see. Experts told reporters that flower buttercup also called celery peony, lotus, lu from Turkey and Syria. Xiangshan altitude, temperature, humidity and soil is very suitable for flower buttercup, xiangshan since 2001 introduced from abroad, the current citizens see the xiangshan flowers buttercup is grown in xiangshan local greenhouse, flowering for two and a half months, flowering three times longer than the tulips. (source: Beijing evening news reporter: Long Lou)