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Beijing youth store alliance enterprises exhibition expo marriage hand in hand

Date: 2015-04-12

New Beijing network on April 11 (xinhua Du Yan) 2015 Beijing wedding expo kicked off in Beijing exhibition center today. Jewelry, wedding photography, wedding services, wedding banquet hall hundreds of brands for new people to build a one-stop wedding purchasing platform.
Reporter sees in the exhibition hall, hundreds of brands were carefully designed booth show characteristic products, launch is favorable to attract more exhibitors quasi new people, especially the staff of the various wedding photography enterprise, is standing in the hall on the channel of free small gift to attract people to negotiate.
Before a wedding banquet hall enterprises try to eat the cake, said liu plans to get married in October this year, but have no time going to work at ordinary times wedding goods of choose and buy, even if the weekend also want to run around to buy neat all the products. And at the scene of the wedding fair, around a place basically can fix all link in wedding preparation, and given a larger than usual.
Reporters on the scene saw, this year, Beijing youth league store with thin Beijing capital tourism group, the first group, a holding company, Beijing textile group, industrial group, tongrentang, ZhuZong group, Fesco etc. Eight members of the unit in the exhibition, to "green shop au, stirring your heart" as the theme, provides the marriageable young marriage room reservation discount on double fold, hotel deposit with private custom, wedding cakes free taste, clothing jewelry, wedding supplies exclusive preferential activities such as preferential price.
According to introducing, as the first group people buy bridal chamber can enjoy nine point percent discount; The wedding fair in Beijing capital tourism group reservation reception hall, can enjoy the deposit 3 times with discount.
Beijing youth store alliance, said an official with the related alliance will be there to see the wedding expo as an opportunity to integrate related resources and products, wedding launched green shop "wedding package", meet marriageable youth actual demand.
Head, this year will continue to integrate the advantage resources and products, release all kinds of preferential information, and to carry out the green store au into the organs, into the enterprise, into the building, into the series of activities such as community youth exchange, to attract more quality enterprises to join, to provide more affordable goods, guide youth more rational consumption. (after)