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Tourists don't civilization Will be in the "blacklist"

Date: 2015-04-12

In the future, the tourist severe uncivilized behavior in the tourism, will be pulled into "blacklist". Last night, the national tourism administration website published a notice, "interim measures for tourist uncivilized behavior records management" from now on, the national tourist uncivilized behavior records management work carried out at the same time. Morning, reporters learned from the Beijing LvYouWei, this city will be according to the requirement to formulate detailed rules for the implementation.
"Method", points out that tourist uncivilized behavior refers to the tourism activities due to disturb the order of public transport, damage the environment health, damage to cultural relics, such as responsibility, who was fined by the administrative court, or causing serious social impact.
Tourist uncivilized behavior records, after the formation of the tourism authority to inform visitors himself, prompt the remedial measures, save, when necessary, to the public security, customs, frontier defense, transportation, the people's bank of China credit reporting agencies. Tourist uncivilized behavior records retention time for one to two years, from the date the date of information to verify.
"Method", points out that are recorded in the uncivilized behavior record of visitors, can make a record of the tourism authority to submit an application for dissent, think dissent was established after investigation, should be corrected.
Dissent during the processing, do not affect tourists uncivilized behavior records management.
This morning, the Beijing municipal LvYouWei relevant responsible person, the city LvYouWei will work out detailed rules for the implementation of request according to the way. Beijing LvYouWei are studying to tourists such as bad information collection work to a relevant travel association.
LvYouWei controller introduces, bad information will be Shared with travel and tourism industry, tourism enterprises and then according to the information on its own formulate measures.
Tourist uncivilized behavior
Disrupt the buses, trams, trains, ships, aircraft or other public transport order
Destruction of public sanitation, public facilities
In violation of the social customs, ethnic tourism destination living habits
Damage, destroy the relics and tourism destination
To participate in the activities of gambling, pornography
Other circumstances seriously disturbing the order of tourism (source: legal evening news reporter: Luo Xiaojing)