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Beijing flavour present cultural tour for Taiwanese people high-quality goods with joy

Date: 2015-04-12

New Beijing network on April 9 (Xie Yu) trip to nearly 200 people in Beijing flavour culture exchange tour is the streets of Taiwan fishing village, the fields, school, community and dock, will be full of strong Chinese traditional and diccourse features of stage art, calligraphy and painting art, folk craft, catering culture to Formosa compatriots.
April 7-21, by the information office of Taiwan affairs, city federation of Beijing city, city, the chaoyang district government hosted the 15th Beijing flavour culture tour activities, invited Beijing and Inner Mongolia, Tibet and xinjiang performances, painting and calligraphy artist came to hsinchu and miaoli county, changhua, Taiwan kaohsiung, sent for the people in Taiwan's spectacular entertainment programs and the calligraphy and painting, photography.
A busy nearly 200 people, is one of the most active members calendar year Beijing flavour culture tour once. By artists and communications team composed of predominantly young and middle-aged, the youngest only 16 years old.
The rich
Our trip to Beijing flavour culture will have the characteristics of Beijing Opera, hebei bangzi, kunqu opera, song, dance, crosstalk, sketch, folk music, vocal, spun suddenly turn hostile, magic, and artists from Tibet, Inner Mongolia, xinjiang and other places with the most national characteristics of barley and lasting appeal of songs, dance, shout, give people art such as tone and local drama; And especially for the status of the Taiwanese people, special preparation and adapted some programs.
Peking Opera "empty", "big deng temple", hebei bangzi kunqu opera "soap ROM robe", the song "Beijing door", crosstalk "speaking like a book" and other programs, notably Beijing flavour culture; The Mongolian dance "eight steed", shout wheat combination yellow mazen, tone combination "wilderness", uygur dance "spring blessing" "welcome to Lhasa, the Tibetan songs and" dressed up "and so on, the performance is the minority cultures; Folk music, spun, suddenly turn hostile, music, magic and crosstalk, songs, etc., is based on the needs of Taiwanese people.
Not only brought han calligraphy and painting art painting and calligraphy works, also brought the Tibetan calligraphy and painting art, will open a door for the people in Taiwan more intuitive feel the window of the Chinese culture and art, promote cultural communication.
Beijing flavour culture tour activities brought reflect economic and cultural life in chaoyang district, Beijing and image "the charm of Beijing, passion games", etc., at 60 images of Beijing imperial city character, city style, natural scenery and cultural charm, cultural customs, Beijing love photos. Unlike previous activities, there are 16 this year to reflect the picture's bid to host the Olympics as the theme of images.
Show the rich
This trip to Beijing flavour culture activity covers drama, music, dance, and quyi, acrobatics, and other arts, many programs have been in the international won the award, best performance level.
Beijing shun yuan auspicious art troupe of lion dance has China culture week in Paris, the history of the world expo and other major performances, such as cultural traditional lion dance class contest gold prize for many times. Chinese acrobatic troupe acrobatic ballet rival top is in the international competition in the award-winning works.
Calligraphy and painting art Beijing and Taiwan will display the traditional Chinese culture, calligraphy and painting art left wonderful pen and ink painting. Activities to invite Mr Sun ji's morning mist vi, famous painter JiQingYuan descendants, intangible culture paper-cut sun Lin, integration of famous painter Tian Fengyin ms, Mr Strength degree of famous calligrapher, famous photographer qin tang, Mr Tan Zongyuan show, Mr Guo construction, famous writer and gave Taiwan friends of their work.