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Nestled in a protected historical area, the Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel occupies a 500-year old hutong building, offering guests the unique opportunity to experience Beijing as it was in days long past.Just a short walk from the metro, the hotel is also near the popular Wangfujing pedestrian street, with all its dining and entertainment, as well as numerous Beijing attractions.

Rooms at this classic Beijing hotel feature period-appropriate decor with modern flourishes and conveniences, combining the best of both worlds. Guestrooms are equipped with International calling and luxury bathroom amenities.

Guests can choose from both Chinese and Western cuisine, or find light refreshments and beverages in the lounge or Coffee Shop.

For those looking to explore Beijing, this hotel can make arrangements for a variety of tours and activities. This Beijing hotel is well known for it's friendly and impeccable service.[View Detail]
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  • bingningyu
    A jubilant quadrangle, like
  • Angelapearl
    Super General
  • coastsea
    Courtyard, admitted from world around of people as in a family in, not awareness language not pass, but smile a sound He1lo, harmony full small hospital. shut door, himself of niche, lying in surrounding slow surrounding up of bed Shang, so kind practical. so more old foreign experience we ancestors of courtyard life, and I being Chinese 40 years to is first times experience. I sat in small hospital in bubble with tea, each a strangers are kind free of coexistence a hospital, let I understand neighborhoodIs the relationship between planning out of the House, this Courtyard dearer, neighborhood is life take care of each other.
  • Tong21yao
    A good environment, address is a bit hard to find, basically all of them were foreigners, decorated like the costume drama
  • bst.star
    Hotel is very characteristic, was part of the former residence of Ji Xiaolan. many foreigners come here, keeping couple Starling hotel was very well-spoken, very cute. but breakfast fruit can seem very fresh.
  • tea_sofa
    Very special hotel, deep in the alley and out of alley can be seen when the real old Beijing street life. hotel facilities good, lived in relative comfort, decoration of the hotel is really thoughtful, stunning. guests, mostly foreigners, where the staff is service with a smile, great attitude, front desk staff English level good?! Hotel's breakfast is also very good, species richness, with Beijing characteristics, combining Chinese and Western,Guests can eat different eating habits. hotel two of the Grackle is so cute, says 'Hello, Elixir of love, good morning, good night, weeding day when afternoon.' hotel very convenient Metro bus line, the front desk can help car. to sum up, praising the hotel!
  • missyin4
    Hotel family room, friends like ... All the best, is the alley walk a little distance, under master when they gave ... Service is very good! foreigner occupancy rate is high!
  • casonlee
    The only problem is the alley was, back in the evening catch a taxi love in! everything else well. belongs to the new courtyard houses. more foreigners live, breakfast delicious, Chinese and Western have anything. good security, with two girls traveling very convenient. waiter back to the car, in short, is the alley is flawed, others are very good.
  • xiaof1970
    Suitable for winter travel, heating room and summer same moist. room lighting is not so good. other very good hotels and Beijing characteristics
  • BT2000
    Typical Courtyard hotel is Beijing naozhongqujing hotel service personnel special care not you ask instead of tell you what are considered organic for you will want to experience it
  • letitbe2009
    Hotel deep in the alley, it's quiet ... especially like the hotel environment, full of old Beijing flavor.
  • c83974307
    Very unique hotels, and rickshaw transport, the baby feel very fresh. health services are also very good.
  • fangxiujuan1967
    Hotel clean, hot water is very hot, heat enough. Metro 15 minutes distance from the hotel. near a Beijing restaurant, delicious is not expensive ... not far from the attractions, the forbidden city, Imperial Palace are very close.
  • linlin.
    In a typical Beijing alley, very little features. the room too much, a bit crowded, price is not friendly. like living Hotel friends, this could be considered.
  • dynaset
    My friends think it's great, next time will come
  • oceanting
    Very good hotel service, antique décor and stunning! son says summer to go to Beijing, Yue Wei Zhuang
  • James50
    Won't go
  • sprv74520
    Advantages; location very good, is alley inside belongs to yiqian full talent can live of regional, behind is Fu Palace (yiqian 13 Alex of son of Palace, subsequently altogether reproduction has six generation people, until sixth generation as Manchu eight big Gu life Minister of first, last was Empress Dowager coup d ' état gave died in this Palace inside, from dilapidated), although deserted run-down, is can see whole history changes, very recommended. service very good, breakfast home and fine, West type are has, is is heart. room health, Environment, atmosphere was great. Shortcomings Alley is longer, car access is quite narrow, for those who don't like to walk a bit trouble. hot water supply is not very good, half a day without water, suddenly very hot bathe half ice water, front desk said electric water heater ran out of water, and boiled water ... ... For the old courtyard, but really hard to reform, and later changed to bathe in the morning just fine.
  • cannio
    Deep in the alley to walk far, but distinctive, courteous, I feel pretty good, like many foreigners live here. but signal is not to force it!
  • lisa_0055
    Courtyard-very good, quiet and clean. convenient location. have a chance to go to Beijing will also live here.
  • dingxldingxl
    With the old man, children experience the Beijing courtyard, nice, service is great, and stay here next time
  • my Wei
    Service is super nice, room is clean. quiet environment suitable for families to live. of course, I think this is the best in the market courtyard.
  • tongxibenben
    Reconstruction of typical Chinese Courtyard Hotel, rich Chinese wind. worth living!
  • Cindy6256
    Very has features of a hotel, children is like, room big, live have is comfortable, details consider have is detailed, room has tea, coffee, and also prepared has small bags detergent, for with children travel of mother, is intimate, except away from Metro mouth far has points, heating slightly small has points, other are is satisfaction, husband said next to also live this.
    OK, alley is narrow, hard, people line up live
  • naonao3210
    Devices really, very common, heating bad, bad surroundings
  • e00051793
    Beijing Hotel very; very good reception staff polite, warm and thoughtful service; next to Beijing will choose here accommodations.
  • jj0872
    Nice courtyard, the service is also very good, next time I go to Beijing will choose.
  • Jason143
    Retro romantic secluded and thoughtful service is highly recommended
  • R1111111
    Nice room with its own characteristics.
  • bbmami
    Is has Beijing alley of taste, away from Metro also not far, go 10 minutes around, just can around alley. room is small of, but courtyard estimated are as. due to we is South people, on North has heating of room feel too hot has, no open air conditioning also hot have no, wear pieces single sweater also to open window door ventilation, if South has radiator more good Ah. due to stay of international was compared more, breakfast bias Western points has, but varieties many, volume also is foot, constantly has waiterAdd ... because it is a new year, and alleys on either side of the tree trunk branches left, if summer comes, on either side of the towering tree leaf lush, walking in the alley will be beautiful, which is invisible to the high-rise buildings in the bustling city, have the opportunity to come again.
  • baibinbarry
    Very good, very good, very good, next time to live, clean and tidy
  • aleg119
    Courtyard gardens, fine service
  • Amy9916
    In one alley, have to walk hundreds of metres. some distance to the subway. antique decoration, nice foreigners a lot.
  • beibi23
    Super praise of hotel, intimate service, room layout is heart, in capital in can be described as make in the take static, and master free upgrade to honeymoon room, towards South lighting good, next also will staying! mention several small views, first room in no run skin dew, probably abroad guest more not need of reasons, but I such of South people to Beijing General will requirements hotel has, second wall Shang wall clock somewhat make, certainly also contrast out garden in really quiet, third bathroom of sewer taste is heavy, need specialDon't pay attention
  • jie548
    Is not your typical courtyard, but very hard to do
  • fx690242258
    Alley get in too deep right away
  • se7enwu
    And in front of the guy at the front desk were very friendly, the feeling of a home away from home. alley into the car is a little narrow, but can help find. While not a quadrangle in the strict sense, but accommodation is also very special.
  • gumbase
    Hotel services very well, very comfortable facilities, we are very satisfied, wants to live again.
  • bw007
  • DoVepAn
    Hotel service is good, but the environment around some, it is Beijing, and each room was decorated very chic, the next time you come, choose this hotel,
  • e04047303
    Hotels in an alley and alley is under repair and out of inconvenience, dust a large hotel should be public construction start and end dates, and let guests know in advance, to determine whether the construction during the stay
  • faiy1306
    Patio is great, housing is very comfortable, service. breakfast very rich. like the entrance of the two talking birds, very interesting, to Beijing next time will come again.
  • Jeuce
    Internal environment of the hotel is very stylish, very Chinese, have a yard for holidays
  • bnuer
    Courtyard style, each good. highlights of health is very good, especially the bedding was clean.
  • ben441
    The location of the hotel is really nice, hotel garden, the garden has three pools of different sizes, through the garden to the Sea Beach, a stay of children has been foaming sea, bubble pool, foam on the beach ... ...
  • gxbylp4514143
    Very good hotel 2 very unique, the service is also very good.
  • fuxun
    Lane car open, but foreigners living happily
  • E01629070
    Good, recommended
  • Jamiewong
    Courtyard style is quite distinctive, and very festive, fewer spaces are tested in the alley technology, service, breakfast and health need to be strengthened!