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Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel is located in Beijing Dongdan Business District East four four, in Beijing siheyuan key protection area. Adjacent to Dongsi subway station, Dongdan Wangfujing Commercial Street, the National Art Museum is very close, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation.
It is a traditional Chinese courtyard with two entrances. The whole courtyard integrates culture, history and modernity. The decoration retains the traditional Chinese style. All the furnishings are made of classical furniture in Ming and Qing Dynasties, and decorated with a variety of Chinese calligraphy and paintings, antiques, Beijing folk handicrafts and handicrafts with Chinese national characteristics. In addition, the hotel adds leisure tea seats, mini Internet bar, satellite TV and other facilities in the public area to provide convenience for guests' travel and leisure needs.
You can enjoy the charm of the ancient capital, appreciate the beauty of the oriental classical architecture, and experience the life interest and aesthetic taste of the old Beijing dwellings.
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FAQs when booking at Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel
  • How far is the hotel from Capital Airport Beijing?

    Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel is 21.3km from the airport.

  • Does Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel.

  • Does Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel?

    Each costs cny60 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel?

    The room prices is from cny636, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • gu57gu
    very nice
  • graceni18
    Superior geographical location, warm and considerate service, comfortable and clean rooms, deep experience of Beijing Quadrangle style, is a good place for outsiders to travel
  • E01629070
    Good, recommended
  • daxianglin
    It's not bad. It's OK to travel and it's comfortable to live
  • lixianyong10000
    The hotel is very local and the service is considerate. Later, I wanted to postpone it, but I lost my room. So I have a good reputation.
  • e00005531
    Nice hotel, considerate service, 5 points for everything
  • e00999174
    The hotel is in the middle of the alley. If you come back tired at night, you will really feel far away. Well, but the cleaning aunt of the hotel is good. She cleans the room every day, and the decoration is beautiful. The hotel is not a big foreigner. It is a very comfortable place. Not far from the hotel is the police station. It has a sense of security and wood. The hotel will help book a rental on the day when you leave. In short, it is first-class !
  • fuxiaoxi_ao
    Most foreigners are good places to experience life in old Beijing
  • jing2410
    The hotel environment is quiet, hygienic and clean. It is very suitable for taking children in, safe and comfortable.
  • ifivestars
    If you want to try quadrangles, Du Ge or something is too modern. There are two parking spaces in Yueweizhuang. Even if it is rare in the alley, you have to drive in carefully. In fact, the carpet in the corridor is not as good as no, and the green brick is also very simple. Breakfast was very rich and well eaten. With Wii, young people can play together for a while at night 2. In short, it was pretty good, the service was very good, and the room was upgraded for free. Give me one!
  • apm40
    It's antique. It's great. Unfortunately, the traffic is inconvenient
  • O Cats o
    Yes, I'll stay again next time.
  • mabingbing
    You will love this place! This is a great little Hotel hidden in a Hutong but very central. From the first moment we felt home and welcome and enjoyed every second of our stay. Of course this is a not a 5-star hotel and consequently not the luxury you might be used to from the big chains. However, it really felt like heaven. Next time in Beijing we'll not waste time looking for another place to stay - we know where to go :)
  • o0 0o Ming
    The environment is very good. There are antique performances in the evening. It's also very comfortable to bask in the sun in the yard when the weather is good. But most of the people living there are foreigners
  • guo_wei
    The staff were very friendly and friendly, and the service was good. But the facilities are old and uncomfortable.
  • dynaset
    Friends think it's great. They'll come again next time
  • Amanda0203
    A very good hotel, good environment, convenient transportation! Very good service attitude!
  • e00159476
    All right!
  • sunrose19821025
    The environment is very good, very feeling! My husband said that he should respect each other as guests when he lived here, and then he fell asleep. Here is the poor sound insulation. I heard the noise when the guests left the store in the morning
  • beibi23
    Excellent hotel with considerate service and attentive room layout. It can be said that it is quiet in the bustle in the capital. Moreover, the owner upgrades to the honeymoon room for free. It has good lighting towards the South and will stay next time! I'd like to make a few comments. There is no moisturizer in the first room. Maybe there are many foreign guests who don't need it. But southerners like me usually ask the hotel to have it when they go to Beijing. The wall clock on the second wall is a little noisy. Of course, it also reflects that the courtyard is really quiet. The sewer in the third bathroom tastes very heavy and needs special attention
  • alicsma
    The hotel facilities are really not very good. If you just experience the courtyard, you can go
  • alatin000042
    1. Very good hotel, very good front desk. There is no room when I arrive early. Miss Wan at the front desk is fluent in English, more fluent than me:), pour me water, let me sit in the courtyard and deposit it for me. Later, when I saw that I was going out, Michael offered me a bottle of water. When you come back at night, open the door for me, turn on the air conditioner, plug in the electric mosquito repellent incense, guide WiFi, make the bed at night and have snacks. 2. There are many foreigners living there, which is antique and novel to me, a southerner. The Chinese honeymoon room is a little exaggerated. When I go in, I exclaim, but the hotel service personnel seem to be used to this exclamation.:) There is a terrace. The terrace is gray, the view is general, and the stairs are narrow. In fact, it is probably better downstairs than upstairs. Although it is the first floor, you can sit in two courtyards. The corridor upstairs is stuffy. The Wren at the door will say that the flowers are full, but if you tease it, it will ignore it.:) 3. The transportation is also very convenient. When the subway Dongsi B comes out and goes north, it is Dongsi. There are a lot of food in the alley. It takes a while to go in, but you can enjoy the small view of the alley. You feel very safe next to the police station. When checking out, I will ask how I feel, book a taxi and send a can of jasmine Tieguanyin as a surprise.
  • bobby_teng
    Coke didn't see it. There was chocolate, but the hotel was very considerate. I booked a single room. As a result, I was upgraded to the big bed room for free.
  • linyaolily
    Good, good
  • gaojianxueming
    Siheyuan hotel should be quite comfortable. The service is very good. Help with luggage and pull a car to the subway station for free. It's a good experience
  • e00005368
    Antique, very good service, still staying.
  • man898
    The hotel is not bad, foreigners are the majority, the surrounding environment is not flattering, it is the kind of small alley
  • jayition
    Good location, not far from the scenic spots, but the room is too small, just experience it, not suitable for long stay
  • lilu9902
    The best choice for Siheyuan control is that the hutong is deep and the access is not convenient
  • Tong21yao
    The environment is good, but it's hard to find the address. Almost all of them are foreigners. The decoration inside is very similar to that in the costume drama
  • jiaweilue
    Overall, I felt it was pretty good
    The hotel is a part of Ji Xiaolan's former residence. A lot of foreigners come here. A pair of starlings raised by the hotel are very talkative and lovely. But the canned fruit for breakfast doesn't seem very fresh.
  • bennylyl
    It's a very charming hotel. The service is also very good. It has a rich breakfast. It's about 10 minutes' walk from the subway station. Except that the price is a little high, I'm very satisfied with everything else.
  • e00689435
    All right, all right, all right, all right, all right
  • jxc_2003sg
    For self driving tour, it's better not to drive the car in or out. It's miserable without parking space! I feel very cold room. Although the sound insulation is poor, it's very quiet. Standing by the door and window, the room is very small. I can only experience the old Beijing Hutong and Siheyuan!
  • coastsea
    Siheyuan, admission people from all over the world, such as in a big family, do not know language, but smile he1lo, full of harmony in the courtyard. Close the door, your own small world, lying on the slowly surrounded bed, so kind and down-to-earth. So many foreigners have experienced the courtyard life of our ancestors, and as a Chinese, I have experienced it for the first time in 40 years. I sat in the courtyard and made tea. Every stranger lived in the same courtyard cordially and freely, which made me understand that the relationship between neighbors was planned by the house. Such a quadrangle courtyard made distant relatives inferior to close neighbors, and the neighbors took care of each other's lives.
  • sanjerome
    It has the characteristics of old Beijing and feels good. The tenants are basically foreigners. What is slightly insufficient is that it is a little difficult to find in the Hutong.
  • apple_trey
    Except the location is a little far away from the subway, the rest are very satisfied. It's the first time to live in siheyuan. Children and old people like it very much. There are many foreign guests and they are very friendly. The service is great. I'll come again next time
  • ll0822
    The service was very good and the environment made people remember old Beijing. It's close to line 5
  • jiajia1991
  • flyingfy
    Siyou hotel with characteristics, service, feeling and kindness has been recommended to friends.
  • juanjuan_oo
    The room is small
  • annie3922
    The hotel's warm and considerate service is excellent. I'll choose all the next time I go to Beijing
  • aleg119
    Siheyuan Garden Hotel, exquisite, warm service
  • e00212697
    The baby likes the family room he stayed in... Everything is fine, but the alley is a little far away. When he comes out, he is sent by the rickshaw master... The service is great! The occupancy rate of foreigners is very high!
  • july197779308
    Location: East forty is a very convenient location. The service is also good. The front desk is very considerate and friendly. The room facilities are average, the standard of ordinary three stars, and the price is five stars. It's OK to experience it once in a while. It's not suitable for permanent residence.
  • moipan
    Located in the middle of the old Beijing Hutong, the decoration and layout are old Beijing flavor. It's suitable for traveling, repairing and vacation. You can also meet foreigners by chance. It's a good price in the imperial city. But it's not suitable for business. Hutongs are too narrow and one-way. It's inconvenient for cars to get in and out, and taxis don't want to enter hutongs
  • lcsd591
    very nice
  • cannio
    It's a little far to walk in the deep alley, but the hotel has distinctive characteristics, thoughtful service and feels good. Many foreigners like to live here. But the network signal suck a little!
  • lauwailing
    Must praise! The hotel has a good location, quiet and convenient transportation. In the old Beijing courtyard, the layout of traditional Chinese elements is simple and elegant, and the service is warm and excellent. I will stay in Beijing next time.
  • littleplum1988
    I'm very satisfied with everything except the narrow lane. I'll come again next time!
  • JI0122
    Distinctive, the surrounding traffic is really troublesome. The taxi didn't hit for an hour.
  • R1111111
    Good service, the room has its own characteristics.
  • jwj_orange
    Super good! Great! Classic temperament, luxurious decoration, complete facilities, good service attitude, is the best hotel.
  • andsun2008
    The service, facilities and breakfast are very good. It's very convenient to travel. It's recommended to stay for fun. It's super quiet at night.
  • aledaj
    The hotel is located in the Hutong, so there is a certain distance from the subway station, especially for people who have been shopping for a day. The service of the hotel is warm, the Chinese elements in the hotel are rich, and the children like it very much and are curious. It's a good experience.
  • Laurence
    It's full of surprises like old Beijing, and the service attitude is particularly good. Children can explore in the yard and play with kittens and turtles for half a day. Adults read and chat on swings and rocking chairs, and enjoy such leisure.
  • getusfree
    I really like this quadrangle. The subway has reached the East Fourth station for more than 700 meters. I can also call the tricycle of the hotel to pick it up and help me upgrade my room. It's really a surprise. The room is very distinctive and beautiful. Many details are warm. I filled in a customer opinion form in the hotel and gave me a can of tea, hehe!! I also strongly recommend a roast sheep and scorpion shop in the alley. It's really delicious. I still have several vouchers. Do you want anything? hey
  • stacywang624
    It's a little cold in winter and water supply is cut off without notice. However, the service was good, the service was very friendly, you need to drag your luggage out of the alley when you take a taxi to the airport. Generally, you can't call a taxi.
  • lijue1026
    The unique Siheyuan Hotel, with quiet and comfortable environment and strong Chinese style courtyard layout, can also be regarded as an alternative landscape for Beijing self-help tour. In the evening, rows of red lanterns in the yard light up, sitting quietly in the yard, watching the children playing, the fatigue of the day suddenly disappeared, very comfortable. The next morning, it's very convenient to get up and go out to Jingshan Park to see the panoramic view of the Forbidden City. There are two myna who can recite Tang poetry at the gate. My daughter likes them very much. Buffet breakfast, the dishes are quite rich. Check in recommended!
  • arieswing
    It's OK to experience Siheyuan, but I feel that the waiters pay more attention to the service for foreign tourists, and it seems that they are not so good for domestic tourists
  • e01169788
    I feel very good ~ the waiters are very friendly, there are many foreigners staying, and the breakfast is very rich. People who want to experience Hutong Culture can feel it
    It's very good. I like it very much. The location is not hard to find. It's very close to Dongsi subway station. It's not far from the entrance of four hutongs
  • bluepanda
    The location is very good. In the four hutongs in Dongsi, there are many places to eat nearby. The style of the quadrangle is very special. The Chinese king bed is also very interesting. There is free WiFi in the house, and the desktop computer can surf the Internet quickly. The front desk staff are very polite. There is a box of jasmine tea as a gift when checking out. The overall feeling is very good. I'll come again next time I have a chance
  • celler
    The cost performance is very good. It has the characteristics of old Beijing. It will stay in the future when there is a chance.
  • bingningyu
    A very festive courtyard. I like it
  • bbrong
    A charming hotel, the loveliest I have been in China, the staff is excellent, always ahead one step, before you think of.
  • e00010576
    just so so........................
  • nicolejn
    There is a house outside Yuewei cottage, which was stolen by Taoist chess watchers. It's not as good as protecting wealth. It's beautiful and white.
  • foodtao
    A family of four came to Beijing to travel. When they saw the hotel and room, their wife and daughter were crazy! I live in a family room. My two daughters and wife scramble to sleep in the Chinese big bed. I sleep in the single bed, which is both a sofa chair and a bed. It's still enough. The previous evaluation is very right! There are hundreds of hotels all over the world. The most interesting one is the top five. Boldly speaking, if you come to Beijing for tourism and spend a lot of money to stay in a five-star hotel, you might as well really stay in this quadrangle Hotel and experience the real style of Beijing (besides, considering the characteristics of the hotel, the price is really not expensive, especially in Beijing)! I will never regret living here! The most important thing is that the hotel not only retains the characteristics and style, but also achieves very good health and service, which is impossible for many characteristic hotels in China and even around the world with cultural style as their selling point. The only thing to mention is that the hotel is in a small alley. If you drive by yourself, unless you have good skills, you'd better stop on the street and walk five minutes into the alley... Drive back to the hotel every day and the car comes in. There is not enough space for a can of coke on each side of the car, ha ha
  • carandl
    The room is a little small and the yard is nice. It's nice to sit in the yard and read books in the shade during the day. They live all foreigners