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Nestled in a protected historical area, the Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel occupies a 500-year old hutong building,  offering guests the unique opportunity to experience Beijing as it was in days long past.

Just a short walk from the metro,  the hotel is also near the popular Wangfujing pedestrian street, with all its dining and entertainment,  as well as numerous Beijing attractions.[View Detail]    

住客评论 458条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • aleg119
    Courtyard gardens, fine service
  • Seymourgao
    The location is very convenient, map out a 10-minute walk, in a thin alley, is the flavor of the old Beijing, hotel reception service excellent, absolutely to the feeling of being at home. the facilities in the hotel nice hotel, very attentive to small details are considered and recommend to friends and family to come back to experience it.
  • finallylee
    Very attentive service, comfortable surroundings, friends tend to be every time you come here
  • fuxun
    Lane car open, but foreigners living happily
  • e00110160
    Good location, decoration is also very old fashioned flavor, it's really good., front desk service is also very nice
  • R1111111
    Nice room with its own characteristics.
  • jing95
    Small room, people feel more depressed.
  • mojianyou
    Refined and elegant, Hutong courtyard, is indeed the culture hotel, a very worthwhile experience. rooms and an outdoor garden is great, love it!
  • e00036545
    If Beijing's hutongs is not experience, you can choose here feeling down, original nice
  • e02242360
    Unexpected features of the room, antique, especially two parrots at the gate, the previous poem, breakfast needs improvement, nothing to eat
  • nopaleon
    Hotel courtyard renovation, the environment is very comfortable, and retained the traditional style, but also very clean, overcomes the shortcomings of courtyard lack of hot water, and great service.
  • bbmami
    Is has Beijing alley of taste, away from Metro also not far, go 10 minutes around, just can around alley. room is small of, but courtyard estimated are as. due to we is South people, on North has heating of room feel too hot has, no open air conditioning also hot have no, wear pieces single sweater also to open window door ventilation, if South has radiator more good Ah. due to stay of international was compared more, breakfast bias Western points has, but varieties many, volume also is foot, constantly has waiterAdd ... because it is a new year, and alleys on either side of the tree trunk branches left, if summer comes, on either side of the towering tree leaf lush, walking in the alley will be beautiful, which is invisible to the high-rise buildings in the bustling city, have the opportunity to come again.
  • missyin4
    Hotel family room, friends like ... All the best, is the alley walk a little distance, under master when they gave ... Service is very good! foreigner occupancy rate is high!
    OK, alley is narrow, hard, people line up live
  • e00005531
    Nice hotel, good service, 5 minutes
  • ragweed
    Very unique hotel like this style, is the most important room is clean, although very small but very warm. but this House was almost no noise, bad people will only stay one or two nights of sleep experience
  • jiyi121
    Very good service, took a taxi in the morning, especially at the front desk for help and guide drivers into the alley to pick me. bar girl from Hebei was very helpful, thank you.
  • E01041037
    Here of service is first-class of! free from Hutong entrance pulled you access, help you led package, room clean have clean, daily will sent oats chocolate, walking also sent has small gift 333 bar of meals price super high, special delicious, also awareness has's Taiwan of Zhang Ying sister, service in place also is enthusiasm? chat has many. here of atmosphere really of is good, see figure on know has. facilities are is Rod, Wi-Fi soon, also to Nestle coffee iron goddess what are free. anyway isGreat!
  • Baijinjie
    Environment naozhongqujing, surrounding the old Beijing style. hotel facilities, details in place, good service ... will come back again!
  • James50
    Won't go
  • at134
    Which is very nice
  • annie3922
    Hotel warm and thoughtful service awesome, next to Beijing and then select
  • birddren
    Is a has rich China wind of hotel. is said to have is Ji Xiaolan of outside House. decoration fine, quite ingenuity. each at are is landscape. service attitude good, free for we rose has room. Midway boil water of Kettle bad has, also deliberately door repair. Although is located in Alley, but walk to junction also not far, can ride Metro Line 5 line, also can ride 24 road bus, and Alley also has other some courtyard, go a go on Dang understand folk name wind has, is convenient. like here.
  • e00212697
    Hotel family room, baby loves ... All the best, is the alley walk a little distance, under master when they gave ... Service is very good! foreigner occupancy rate is high!
  • bluepanda
    Location is very good, 44 in East Lane, in a quiet, nearby places to eat a lot, courtyard style is very special, Chinese-style big bed and very room has free WiFi and desktop Internet soon, the front desk staff was very polite, and Jasmine tea as a gift when you check out, feel good as a whole, the next opportunity would come
  • coastsea
    Courtyard, admitted from world around of people as in a family in, not awareness language not pass, but smile a sound He1lo, harmony full small hospital. shut door, himself of niche, lying in surrounding slow surrounding up of bed Shang, so kind practical. so more old foreign experience we ancestors of courtyard life, and I being Chinese 40 years to is first times experience. I sat in small hospital in bubble with tea, each a strangers are kind free of coexistence a hospital, let I understand neighborhoodIs the relationship between planning out of the House, this Courtyard dearer, neighborhood is life take care of each other.
  • pandado
    Very good experience, service very good, very enthusiastic, and many foreigners, also consider coming here next time!
  • joneya
    Hotel very unique. breakfast is too little.
    Antique warm service and good
  • e00051793
    Beijing Hotel very; very good reception staff polite, warm and thoughtful service; next to Beijing will choose here accommodations.
  • e04047303
    Hotels in an alley and alley is under repair and out of inconvenience, dust a large hotel should be public construction start and end dates, and let guests know in advance, to determine whether the construction during the stay
  • aneing
    Sell bad narrow alleys, staff very good, rooms to a foreigner of Chinese courtyard house is a very attractive!
  • e00264730
    Really distinctive hotel, decorate festive, preserving old Beijing flavor, very good
  • BT2000
    Typical Courtyard hotel is Beijing naozhongqujing hotel service personnel special care not you ask instead of tell you what are considered organic for you will want to experience it
  • sinpour
    Feel at home, very friendly.
  • clementCA
    Clean, good service
  • plwangyong
    Just nearby, and inside the hotel antique. staff very helpful, the service was excellent.
  • andyyang_cool
    A distinctive hotel, go out and small gifts, hallway, really felt the yard, only had time to take pictures. things in the House are featured, feel like guests., . too tight, originally wanted to upgrade to another, the results set out.
  • casonlee
    The only problem is the alley was, back in the evening catch a taxi love in! everything else well. belongs to the new courtyard houses. more foreigners live, breakfast delicious, Chinese and Western have anything. good security, with two girls traveling very convenient. waiter back to the car, in short, is the alley is flawed, others are very good.
  • wwwno1
    Hotel courtyard house in Beijing, local features, service very good, breakfast good, just when is not convenient, far from Metro, a taxi is not easy. in General is well worth it.
  • jill47
    Charm good, is place too small, yard feel on half size, bathroom more is small, on a turned of space, water estimated somewhat problem, basin a water voice very ring. breakfast good, service also is good, night back room lamp will first open good, go of when will help arrangements taxi, also arrangements tricycle with to lane. price words not is high 8,401 late somewhat your, on experience about courtyard of feel's. location than South drums Xiang there of.
  • cloudi
    OK, but I think there is a gap in the courtyard
  • lina0029
    Very, very great! hotel service was very good, very gracious! room was very distinctive, very clean! lived in large, outside there is a patio! awesome! The next opportunity will also go to the other side! Beijing alley ^ _ ^
  • e02519268
    Typical of Beijing courtyard, is said to have is Qing dynasty University scholar Ji Xiaolan of residence, hotel within everywhere can smell China features of history Humanities breath. guests to foreigners mostly. leisure Shi can listening to guzheng, tea, make bird, reading, or look boxy of Beijing of sky. hotel in Alley deep, has tricycle shuttle luggage. around shop more, can solution day meals, taste good. hotel of self breakfast must to eat. enthusiasm of waiter free for I upgrade, to has two between homeCourt room, thank you!
  • c83974307
    Very unique hotels, and rickshaw transport, the baby feel very fresh. health services are also very good.
  • arasun
    That's good
  • Erenim
    So beautiful, with completely different hotel experience, recommendations must go to live in a Siheyuan in Beijing, don't go out to play is in the courtyard drinking tea is a kind of enjoyment. only was in the alley, a way to go ... most of the foreign tourists.
  • jinandli
    Environment of the antique-dragons, bed, furniture of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and was pleasantly surprised. waiters are warm, very intimate. breakfast was hearty, checkout has little gift for this under the token of praise!
  • miffy
    Upgrade to family room, Chinese simple, private terrace, breakfast was rich, the alley not far out is Line 5 subway, thank you upon check out small gift stores. Bao teacher cakes delicious, passing under the broadcasting of the Hutong entrance, we went to the National Palace Museum mixed up day.
  • cannio
    Deep in the alley to walk far, but distinctive, courteous, I feel pretty good, like many foreigners live here. but signal is not to force it!