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Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel is located in Dongsi Street, Dongdan Business District, Beijing, within the Beijing Siheyuan Key Protected Area. It is adjacent to Dongsi Subway Station and Dongdan Wangfujing Commercial Street.

Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel is a traditional Chinese-style two-in courtyard courtyard. The entire courtyard combines culture, history, and modernity. Its decoration and layout retains the traditional Chinese style. All furnishings use classic vintage furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is decorated with Chinese calligraphy and painting, antiques, Beijing folk handicrafts and Chinese national characteristics. In addition, the hotel has added leisure cafes, mini Internet cafes, satellite TV and other facilities in the public areas and provides them to guests, which is convenient for travel and leisure needs.

Living in Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel allows you to fully enjoy the charm of the ancient capital, appreciate the beauty of classical oriental architecture, and experience the life taste and aesthetic taste of the old Beijing houses.