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Build spring flowers and landscape scale in the history of the fragrant hills

Date: 2015-04-11

Net new Beijing on April 9 (xinhua in vertical clouds) xiangshan park to watch flowers in spring activities will be on April 10th to May 17. By then, more than 60 kinds of flowers, 200000 strains (basin) of all kinds of mountain flower compete to bloom, build a more than 5000 square meters under the landscape. According to organizers, the garden activities both varieties of flowers, or planting scale for most of history.
Fragrant hill park is one of the largest flower buttercup planting area in north China, activities during the visitor can be in good days garden scenic spot to 15000 strains of buttercup flower. This described as "beautiful flowers" like poppy flower buttercup, design and color is gorgeous, color diversity, there are red, pink, yellow, white and other colors. The best viewing time flower buttercup is in the middle of April to early may.
According to the gardener park, xiangshan altitude, temperature, humidity and soil is very suitable for flower buttercup, introduced from abroad in 2001. The reward 400 - square - meter buttercup flower flower show, are nurtured the xiangshan park independent varieties, double like peony, single like poppy flower, has a "xiangshan mountain king" reputation. The buttercup flowering is longer, time spent for two and a half months, flowering three times longer than the tulips.
The enjoy flower season biggest bright spot is that supposed to watch in the autumn red leaves, also can enjoy the spring in mountain flower everywhere. Park in in maple village, known as the pine garden such as the main scenic area, an increase of 100 new red maple, xiangshan will be unique landscape "through" back to the beautiful spring autumn red leaves, tourists can enjoy spring and autumn.
Xiangshan spring flowers with 200000 plants to plant flowers and plants is given priority to, because the mountain is more carefully nurtured in the greenhouse, flower shapes of high quality, large, color bright, beautiful gesture, can reflect the landscape characteristics of snowcapped, can create the flowers and the world landscape effect, is a great place for visitors to watch and take photos.
Xiangshan, mountain pines seem foil, spring is unique, cannot leave the ancient garden's precious. Xiangshan fomous trees have nearly 6000 strains, accounting for a quarter of the total urban tree, have to listen to loose, escort, three generations of the tree, and nine long bai fomous trees, tree age between 300 and 500. Pines seem, shaded by the mountain flower more beautiful.
Xiangshan park is a famous imperial garden, has a profound historical background. In the qing dynasty emperor qianlong alone love xiangshan, visit providence farm life has more than 80 times, every here should be in 3, 5, providence built in xiangshan park 28 scene, write "good favorite xiang shan", "I go to the fragrant hills, such as reading" verses, poems left more than 1480 first.
The reward youth particularly recommended three garden route:
It is easy to save time to admire the flower route (1 hours) : the east - geunjeongjeon - know pine garden - in maple village - good days garden - under cableway station - blue cloud temple. Beautiful flowers to decorate, mountain flower blooming, also can to visit famous jingxi blue cloud temple, temple culture.
2 it is climbing gym flowers line (1.5 hours) : the east - jade milk springs - levant pavilion - sweet mist wat, and Timon, incense burner peak. Road smooth and comfortable, breathe the fresh mountain air, see GuTing, admire the beautiful scenery, fountain, wildflowers, extremely use up the mountains open interest.
Three is a volley view garden route (1 hours) : taking the cable car to see xiangshan, volley sniff green jams the capital appreciation. After the summit can also watch the mountain wild peach and apricot flowers in bud, trapped under city beautiful scenery. (after)